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I was on review, and now I'm visible again.

When will I be put back on review with a camp?
Written by Aly - Community Success Director
Updated 2 weeks ago

Occasionally, a camp director may put you on review and reject the review without an interview. This does not reflect poorly on you as an applicant, and is not something to worry about!

Other camp directors cannot see which camps you have been on review with previously.

It's hard to provide a timeline on when your next review will be. Sometimes it happens really soon, and in other cases, it can take 4-6 weeks. 

We're constantly connecting with camp directors to learn about their latest staffing needs, and keeping a close eye on our pool of participants to see who would be a good fit.

If you are concerned, contact the Community Success Team and they may be able to provide a real-time update. 

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