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I have been on review with a camp for a while and have not heard anything. What do I do?

What to do if you haven't heard from the camp you are on review...
Written by Aidan Hodgson - Community Success Rep
Updated 1 week ago

Firstly, be sure to check that you are still on review - it is possible that your application is now Visible again. You will be able to check this on the homepage of your Camp Canada account. If you are Visible again and you're not sure why, email communitysuccess@campcanada.ca and we will provide more information

If you have not heard from the camp you are on review with after 5 days, please let the Community Success Team know and we can follow up with the camp. 

Whilst you are waiting to hear from the camp, be sure to research the camp website, and think of some questions you may have for the camp director!

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