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I want to upload multiple pages for one document.

How do I do this?
Written by Aly - Community Success Director
Updated 8 months ago

If you have multiple certificates that you'd like to upload, this is great! The upload limit for the certificate section is 2MB, it must be in PDF format and you can only upload one file here.

To upload multiple certificates at once, we recommend using a PDF merge tool, which you should be able to find in a Google search.

If the file is too big to upload, there are two options:

  1. Try using a PDF compressor tool, which can also be found in a Google search. This should 'shrink' the size of the overall file, without sacrificing any of the content.
  2. If all else fails, you may have to select which certificates will compliment your application the best. This may be the ones that are most recent, or the ones that are most relevant to this skills listed on your application.
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