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I have a criminal history (caution or conviction). Am I eligible for the program?

Written by Aly - Community Success Director
Updated 2 months ago

Participants must be honest and forthcoming about any criminal history that may appear on their police check.

Acceptances will be made on a case by case basis, considering the other factors of their application.

Participants with a criminal background may not be approved for their work permit, and therefore would be unable to participate in the Camp Canada program.

Your conviction may affect your admission to Canada. Before proceeding with your application, you will need to apply for an eTA (more information can be found here) to ensure you are able to travel to Canada.

Details of your conviction and your police check will be shared with your camp employer. It is important to note that your camp will assess your employability at their own discretion, and they may have some queries regarding the offence.

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