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Tips for travelling home

Written by Sammy
Updated 4 months ago

Acclimatize - You have been away from home for a while now and have been living the life of a Canad
ian, take a moment to settle back into life at home. You will get the post camp blues I am afraid but keep in contact with your camp friends and you will be fine. 

Family and friends - Speak to family and friends and let them know you missed them and are coming home, get some plans together for when you are home. 

Try something new - There are many different places to try in a Canadian airport, have fun one last time Canadian style

Covid restrictions- Keep up to date with covid restrictions in your home country, they may have changed over summer.

Stay hydrated- One of the most important things when travelling is to stay hydrated, most airports have a water fountain for you to use.

Relax - You have had a busy summer, download some tv shows and movies and sit back on your way home. 

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