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Closing your account

How to close your bank account once camp has finished
Written by Aly - Community Success Director
Updated 11 months ago

The easiest and simplest way to close your Canadian bank account is to go into a branch before you fly home. Make sure you bring your debit card and a piece of ID with you. If you have any money in that account, you will be able to withdraw any remaining funds when you close the account. 

If you are already home and need to close your account.

Firstly, make sure you either transfer any money left in your Canadian account to your home bank account (we have an article on this too!), or spend it. Your balance must be zero before you can close the account.

You need to contact the customer services department of your Canadian bank via email and request for the account to be closed. You may need to provide additional documentation such as copies of your ID and banking documents to close your account. 

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