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What is a "Camp Bubble?"

Written by Sammy
Updated 8 months ago

A "Camp Bubble" now has had two meanings within the world of Camp Canada and the camping industry as a whole. Here is a breakdown of the definitions: 

Pre-Pandemic: A "bubble" referred to "When you had no idea what's going on in the outside world because your life revolved around camp!" However, you may have had the opportunity to leave the campsite on days off to go explore local towns or the nearest major city (and that felt pretty strange!) 

Summer 2021 Meaning: A bubble at camp aims to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the outside world. Most camps have decided that all staff will remain on the campsite for the duration of the summer. Although it could mean zero time exploring other places in Canada, it does mean that you get 100% of that camp world - and this maybe hard but can feel very rewarding! This term also could be referred to as "Camp Isolation" or "Camp Containment" (but we're sticking with "bubble" as it sounds more fun!)

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