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Combination (Combo) Role

A unique role that combines childcare and support responsibilities.
Written by Aly - Community Success Director
Updated 2 weeks ago

A Combo role is comprised of at least 51% working with campers, and at most 49% working a support-staff style position (Kitchen, Housekeeping, Laundry or Maintenance).

The type of time spent working with campers differs from camp to camp, for some camps this may mean sharing a cabin with campers, it can mean helping out in a specific activity area, or it can mean assisting a general counsellor at certain times of the day.

At some camps, time spent with campers is more hands-on than other camps, and some camps do their combo 'split' differently; like a day on, a day off model whereby the staff member is with campers one day and in the kitchen the next.

Combo roles are a great option for participants with limited childcare experience, limited skills, or for someone who is looking to expand their skills in areas like maintenance or kitchen prep. 

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