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Camp Counsellor

What's it like to be a camp counsellor?
Written by Aly - Community Success Director
Updated 1 year ago

As a camp counsellor you will be spending most of your time with a group of campers from a certain age group, often these kids are from the same cabin and the group size can vary from camp to camp, but it’s usually around 8-12 kids per cabin. 

Your role as a camp counsellor will involve taking your campers around to the different activities, where you will supervise, help facilitate the fun, make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and getting in on the fun as well! At mealtimes, you will be sitting with your cabin group and during evening programs you’ll also be supervising your cabin group. 

Camp counsellor is one of the hardest and most tiring jobs you’ll have, but it is without a doubt the best and most rewarding job you’ll ever have too! 

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