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Emergency Assistance

Immediate assistance resources when you are in Canada

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On Program

SIN, Bank Account, and other support whilst at camp

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After Camp

Closing bank accounts, filing taxes, and everything else you need to know when camp has finished.

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Other Categories

About Camp

Learn more about what you can expect from a Canadian summer camp.

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The Application Process

Tips, tricks and guidelines for the Camp Canada application process.

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Ready to Hire

What does Ready to Hire mean?

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Get Prepared

Flight, insurance, finance and packing guidelines to prepare you for your travels

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Ready to Fly

Preparing for your arrival to Canada

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Work Permits & Immigration

General work permit queries & how to apply for your Camp Canada work permit

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Learn more about how Camp Canada is handling the global pandemic.

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Health and Wellbeing

Learn more about our Wellbeing Department and your health at camp.

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Qualification Courses

Information for participants who are interested in doing a lifeguarding or first aid course

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